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  • Revolutionizing Radiology Reporting in Remote Areas with 5C Network


    Our client, a rural hospital serving around 50,000 people in a remote area, faced challenges due to limited resources and a scarcity of radiologists. With just one overwhelmed radiologist and basic equipment, the hospital struggled to deliver prompt radiology reports, causing delays in diagnosis and treatment plans for patients.



    The main challenge faced by the client was the unavailability of radiologists in their area. The single radiologist at the hospital was overwhelmed with the workload and was unable to provide timely reports, resulting in delayed patient care. The hospital needed a solution that could provide quick and accurate radiology reports to improve patient care.


    5C Network Solution

    5C Network facilitated seamless transfer of radiology images to our secure cloud platform. Our 400+ global radiology experts employed advanced AI platforms for precise analysis and interpretation. They swiftly generated accurate reports within an average turnaround time of 45 minutes. This enabled prompt decision-making by the hospital's clinicians for effective patient care.



    5C Network's remote radiology reporting services revolutionized the client's radiology department, achieving remarkable outcomes.


    Turnaround time for reports drastically improved from days to 45 minutes to 1 hour, empowering clinicians to swiftly and accurately diagnose patients, thus elevating overall care quality. 


    This efficiency saved costs by negating the need for extra radiologists, ensuring the hospital optimized resources while offering timely, cost-effective, and superior patient care.



    Prodigi's remote radiology services revolutionized radiodiagnosis in the client's remote area by providing timely and accurate radiology reports, overcoming the challenge of the unavailability of local radiologists. Further, it allowed the hospital to expand its services, enhance patient care, and reduce the turnaround time for the reports. The cost-effective solution increased access to radiology services for the underserved population in a remote area, leading to improved healthcare outcomes.