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  • How Prodigi Helped a Medical Diagnostic Chain Improve Patient Care and Expand Their Patient Base


    One of our esteemed clients is a medical diagnostic chain in India. The diagnostic chain was struggling with the challenge of delivering quick and accurate radiology reports due to the unavailability of radiologists. This resulted in delayed diagnoses, prolonged patient wait times, and increased patient dissatisfaction. The client approached for a solution to help them cover the gap and improve patient care.



    The medical diagnostic chain faced significant challenges in delivering radiology reports on time. Due to the shortage of radiologists, they struggled to meet the high demand for radiology services, resulting in delayed reports and increased patient wait times. This was negatively impacting their patient care and overall reputation in the market. They needed a reliable solution that could help them address this issue and deliver quick and accurate reports to their patients.

    5C Network Solution

    We analyzed the client's requirements and devised a customized solution to address their challenges. Leveraging our extensive network of 400+ experienced radiologists, we provided 24/7 coverage for their radiology reporting needs. We implemented a seamless workflow, allowing the client to send radiology images securely to their platform for interpretation. Our expert radiologist team provided timely and accurate reports that were delivered to the client for further action. The entire process was streamlined and optimized for efficiency, ensuring quick and accurate reports.



    Implementing our solution brought about a significant transformation in the medical diagnostic chain's radiology services. The quick and accurate reports enabled them to provide timely diagnosis, reduce patient wait times, and enhance patient satisfaction.


     As a result, the medical diagnostic chain's patient base increased by a remarkable 52%! 

    The improved patient care and efficient radiology services also enhanced their reputation in the market, leading to increased referrals and business growth.



    Our services proved to be a game-changer for the client, helping them overcome the challenge of the unavailability of radiologists and deliver quick and accurate reports to their patients. The improved patient care and increased patient base have positively impacted their business outcome.