Compliance and Regulatory

Welcome to the Compliance Hub of 5C Network, Ensuring Precision and Quality in Tele-Radiology Services

At 5C Network, we prioritise compliance, accuracy, and innovation in our tele-radiology solutions. Our commitment to regulatory standards, quality assurance, and process excellence is embedded in every aspect of our operations.

Our Certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management Services:
    This certification underlines our dedication to maintaining high-quality services, ensuring customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement in our processes.

  • ISO 27701:2019 for Privacy Information Management:
    Highlights our commitment to managing privacy information, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations and protecting individuals' rights.

  • ISO 27001:2022 for Information Security Management:
    Demonstrates our robust information security practices, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets

Compliance Assurance in Tele-Radiology:

  • 5C Network adheres to industry regulations and standards, guaranteeing compliance with stringent requirements to ensure the highest quality, security, and ethical standards.

  • Our stringent data security protocols exceed industry compliance standards, ensuring the utmost confidentiality and integrity of patient information.

  • We employ a culture of continuous improvement, regularly reviewing and enhancing our processes to maintain accuracy and provide actionable insights.

  • Our tele-radiology services undergo expert clinical oversight, ensuring accuracy and reliability in diagnoses while complying with industry best practices.

  • Our commitment to regulatory compliance ensures peace of mind for our clients and partners, guaranteeing adherence to the strictest industry standards.

  • Our cutting-edge technology, combined with the expertise of our professionals, delivers tele-radiology solutions that lead in innovation and precision.

  • We offer personalised solutions to meet the unique needs of each client while upholding the highest standards of compliance and quality.

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