Unlock Superior Patient Care with "Compare With"

Your Gateway to Comprehensive Comparative Reports

In the world of healthcare, where follow-ups are crucial, "Compare With" offers a seamless way to generate comparative reports by linking to previous studies

This feature is your key to building a stronger rapport and trust with your consulting physician, ultimately enhancing patient care


Improved Diagnostic Accuracy

By comparing current and past studies, physicians can detect subtle changes, leading to more accurate diagnoses


Enhanced Patient Trust

Transparent sharing of comparative reports fosters trust between patients and healthcare providers


Streamlined Follow-Ups

Simplifies the process of follow-up consultations, making them more efficient and effective


Better Patient Outcomes

Enables targeted treatment plans by providing a clearer picture of the patient's progress over time

Use Cases

Chronic Disease Management:

Regularly compare studies to monitor disease progression or remission

Post-Surgery Follow-up

Assess healing and recovery post-surgery by comparing pre and post-operative studies

Treatment Efficacy Evaluation

Evaluate the effectiveness of treatment plans over time through comparative analysis, especially in cancer cases


Since incorporating 'Compare With' into our practice, we've seen a significant improvement in patient satisfaction. Our ability to show concrete comparisons has greatly enhanced the trust patients have in our care.

Dr. Suman Sudhanshu, General Practitioner

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