Get Consistent Radiology Reports for Multiple Studies

You receive an RTA case and do CT Brain, CT Face and CT Thorax. Now, you want all the reports from the same Radiologist to maintain context across the reports.

So, how can you get a comprehensive report across all these studies? The report should incorporate the findings across the studies and should be able to answer the clinical questions that made the referring Clinician order these scans.

5C Network introduces the "Merge Study" feature, designed to ensure that you receive consistent, detailed patient reports from the same radiologist across multiple studies.

Why Choose Merge Study?

Contextual Reports

Receive all your case reports from a single radiologist, maintaining coherence and context

Comprehensive Insights

Get a comprehensive report to have a complete understanding of the patient's health status

Efficiency and Convenience

Streamline the reporting process, saving valuable time and reducing complexity

Comprehensive RTA Case Management
Follow-Up Evaluation for Ongoing Treatment (Eg: Onco)

Ready to Take Your Reporting Process to the Next Level?